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Our Community Spaces

The School District of Whiteshell is pleased to be able to open our facilities for various community user groups.  We believe in community, healthy relationships, and healthy living, through a balanced lifestyle.  If you have a community group that could benefit by using our spaces when we are not, then please consult our   BOOKING CALENDAR   and contact us for arrangements.


Do you need a different space for your group?   Do you have ideas, concerns, or compliments to pass along?   CONTACT US  and we can discuss suitable options that meet your group's needs.


Kitchen and Multi-Purpose Room.

The Kitchen and multipurpose room has 4 ovens and ample counter space to comfortably prepare meals and/or host groups of up to 40 people.  The room also boasts large tables useful for a variety of crafts and hobbies, meetings, or other activities where large table-tops are desirable.

Weight Lifting Room

The weight lifting room has many things to offer user groups looking to simply tone up a little or pack on the muscle. There is a large offering of free weights and various cabled and levered machines to suit each individual's needs.  The space is perfect for all age and fitness levels.

Cardiovascular Fitness Room

The cardio vascular fitness room is geared up with several treadmills and stationary bikes for those wishing to get their heart rates up without having to battle the outdoor elements. The room also hosts a weight bag for those avid boxers or for those wanting to release a little extra stress!

Band and Choir Room

The band and choir room is equiped to host a sizable community band or contenporary music group, but may also be fitting for a smaller group looking for  practice space.  The room is quite versatile and could meet a number of criteria that user groups might be searching for.

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