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Welcome to an Inspiring Education!

We Believe...


High QUALITY EDUCATION and INSPIRED LEARNING are standards to strive for in our commitment to ourselves and to each other.


Strong COLLABORATION skills and COMMUNICATION are fundamental to highly successful teaching and learning.


CITIZENSHIPCOURTESYRESPECT and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS are valuable and important for all people .


are essential commitments.


RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP and ACCOUNTABILITY are principles that guide the School District of Whiteshell community members.


Nestled along the shores of the Winnipeg River, the School District of Whiteshell offers an outstanding combination of quality education and balanced, healthy lifestyle for learners from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.


Our district was originally established in 1963 to serve the residents of Pinawa, but now attracts learners from neighbouring communities as well as international learners seeking English immersion, academic challenge and a truly memorable, Canadian experience.

The Vision...


To provide an excellent learning environment where enthusiastic teaching inspires students and empowers them to live life to the fullest.


The Mission...


To provide quality education in partnership with home and community which enables students to maximize their individual potential as contributing members of society.

Results Speak for Themselves...


The School District of Whiteshell is committed to providing a strong beginning foundation for our youngest students, with an age and developmentally appropriate support throughout each grade level, allowing our graduates to have an equally strong finish to secondary schooling.

100% of our students have exceeded expected readiness for entry into Grade One, thanks to an outstanding early childhood focus. 

What makes our academic results so impressive is the fact that our busy learners are excelling in the classroom, while also fully engaging in all of the wonderful life-skills programming, sports and activities available to them.


It's about balance and commitment to ourselves.

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