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Families play an integral role in our learning community.  Active participation, daily attendance, high standards, and good citizenship are critical to success in school and life.  We consider families as full partners in this relationship that guides and encourages powerful learning, and the development of life-long learning skills.

F. W. Gilbert Elementary School

Welcome to FW Gilbert School, a school community that makes every effort to provide a variety of educational programs, which assists students in achieving their potential.  Learning is the emphasis and the school staff use current research to inform and develop classroom instruction that engages learners.  We believe that all students can master essential skills. Teachers develop and implement a diverse range of strategies to meet this goal.  We recognize that students need to work together cooperatively, respect human diversity and appreciate democratic values.  Preparing students to become future global citizens is a role we take seriously.


Be Kind, Be Respectful of Self, Others and the Environment, 

Be Productive, Be Safe, Be Healthy

Pinawa Secondary School


Welcome to Pinawa Secondary. We are an active learning community built on the foundation of students first. We provide an environment that nurtures independence, responsibility and creativity by using the principles of best practice in our daily work together. We support learning through strong foundational skill development, cross curricular connections, technology integration and inquiry explorations. We emphasize healthy living through our extensive outdoor education programming, our sports programs and our balanced day timetabling. We care about each of our students and provide support through our mentoring program.


Be Courteous and Respectful. Work Hard. Play Fair. Live Well. Be Awesome.



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